Antique Bedroom Furniture Australia

At VC Living, we understand the importance of creating a relaxing environment for yourself. Not only the bed, but the furniture all around plays a huge part in soothing you. It is useful to have a drawer beside your bed which gives you easy access to put things away. We are bringing you an antique bedroom furniture collection of bedside furniture, bedroom mirrors and dresser tables. Select the ones that best suit your style of living.

If you want to decorate your bedroom with solid quality furniture at an affordable price, we are one of the top suppliers of both retail and wholesale bedroom furniture in Australia. Operating from the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, we supply bedroom furniture locally as well as to all central cities - Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all over Australia.

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$590.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$1,089.99 Including GST (10.0 %)
$1,690.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$390.01 Including GST (10.0 %)
$770.00 Including GST (10.0 %)