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Teak Chairs and Tables Australia

At VC Living, we provide outdoor teak furniture which is of high quality, water and weather-proof, and long-lasting. Placing a couple of teak chairs and tables in your backyard or near your pool creates a classic, gorgeous look.

We supply comfortable, high-quality outdoor teak chairs and classy outdoor teak table sets at a reasonable price. You could also go for a teak folding chair which you can move and carry easily. Dining outside is relaxing and rejuvenating. You can enjoy your cozy outdoor patio and a gentle summer breeze at the same time. Choose the piece that best fits your taste from our diverse collection of teak chairs and tables.

If you want to decorate your outdoor space with high-quality teak furniture, we are one of the top suppliers of both retail and wholesale teak table sets and chairs in Australia. Operating from the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, we supply locally as well as to all central cities - Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and all over Australia.

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$95.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$1,450.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$890.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$2,118.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$3,640.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$320.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$2,124.00 Including GST (10.0 %)