VC Living Marlboro Bench featured on Buying Blind

Would you let strangers spend your life savings on a house you've never seen?

Buying Blind, Channel Nine's brand new reality TV series, will follow six couples on a high-stakes property journey. They will leave perhaps the biggest decision of their lives - buying their dream home - in the hands of three experts.

The expert trio is made up of buyer's agent Rich Harvey, builder and architect Marshal Keen, and award-winning interior designer and TV personality, Shaynna Blaze.

Each week one couple will sign over their life savings to the experts, who will use their knowledge to find, purchase and even renovate a property which meets their expectations. Buying Blind promises life-changing moments and unpredictable reactions as the desperate house hunters risk it all for the home of their dreams.

VC Living are delighted to have teamed up with Buying Blind to supply their gorgeous outdoor teak Marlboro Bench for this prestigious show; you may have seen it featured in episode two, featuring Victorian couple Lis and Ali and their young family. If you're interested in buying these beautiful benches for your home or business take a look at our Outdoor Teak range here.

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