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From elegant antique reproduction chairs to a partners desk, making sure that you have the right decor to create a comfortable environment is essential for modern home decor. Many people are choosing traditional pieces of furniture for a few good reasons: they are traditionally well-built, sturdy and make for a strong platform to perform your daily tasks, as well as being beautifully crafted and featuring ornate carvings, inlays and patterns. Being made from heavy timbers, these desks often feature exotic wood facades with finishes that really bring out the beautiful grains of the woods.

But as original antique pieces can cost a fortune, modern home decor addicts can easily rely on the good quality replicas. Antique reproduction furniture is the best possible substitute for traditional antique furniture.

Australia's one of the leading antique reproduction furniture wholesalers VC Living brings you an array of elegant, classy furniture to decor your home or office.

Why VC Living?

A Choice of Designs

The collection of wooden pieces from VC Living is extensive. With the traditional timbers being used in construction, you can really get a sense of the craftsman's tools sculpting the raw wood into a piece of furniture.

Of course, as with any VC Living furniture pieces, there is a choice of finishes and options available to suit your personality and taste. For instance, you might want to go to the traditional route of choosing the dark mahogany finish that has been professionally stained to bring out the deep rich timber patterns.

For example - the partners desk, which also comes in a single-sided form, can also be finished with the traditional green leather top which is used throughout the design itself, as well as offering burgundy, brown and black inserts to customise the desk to fit your very own study. Whatever colour choice you opt for, you won't lose the traditional styling of this beautiful desk, but you will gain a furniture piece that will take centre stage in your office or study room at home.

Antique Reproduction That Ensures Elegance

With VC Living, you have a great choice of home and office furniture, as well as a great selection of outdoor pieces. With a passion for design and build quality, VC Living offers you a wide selection of antique reproduction furniture that you can customise to your taste with a choice of finishes and designs.

If your interior set up is modern, minimal style filled with large windows, bright lights and space to breathe and think, the dark and more traditional looking furniture from VC Living will be the perfect contrast to your setting. A well-balanced harmony of tradition and modern minimalist living.

With a range of options available to furnish your home or office space, you might feel like you're spoilt for choice! Ultimately, the pieces you choose comes down to the environment you want to create, and the existing decor in the room. Our staff can help you find a solution that fits your requirements and budget.

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