Top 4 Inspirational Outdoor Benches from VC Living

It is often said that the garden is the most underused living space on a property, with many people using their garden to simply lay down some turf or fire up a BBQ when the weather calls for it. But why stop there? With some of the best furniture manufacturers creating inspirational pieces of art to enjoy, why not pick a stylish, durable teak bench and start using your outdoor space to sit and relax?

Among the teakwood creations by VC Living, these four outdoor bench models have been the most inspirational. You can amplify your outdoor experience with any of these best-in-class benches.


The VC Living Classic Teak 180cm bench is the largest of the traditional outdoor teak bench category. This bench offers ample space with symmetrical lines and standard back-arm rests. The overall composition of this Teak bench is undeniably elegant and timeless, not to mention exceedingly durable.

For your garden patio or small porch, the Teak 180cm bench is an ideal choice. Because of its minimalistic features, deceptive simplicity and rich sanded finish; this VC Living classic can embellish your garden even in contemporary settings. 


The VC Living Box Bench is the most contemporary addition, both in terms of style and functionality. The exclusion of the handrail design complements the overall modern appearance of the box and allows you to sit with ease. The traditional style, slightly angled back makes this bench comfortable as well. This exclusive VC Living Box Bench with robust design and quality rectangular coffer has received positive reviews from many customers.


The Marlboro Bench 150cm from VC Living incorporates a modern-classic framework. With its elaborate curved backrest and rolled armrest, this teak bench offers the ultimate grace, comfort and elegance to your garden, patio, foyer or courtyard. The Marlboro 150cm was designed taking inspiration from Art Deco and the 1800s traditional furniture models found on the porches of Southern Louisiana.


The Madison bench is another modern teak garden furniture addition from VC Living. Its slender and minimalistic composition with thicker teak rails is a sophisticated choice for a modern uber-chic Japanese garden setting. This bench easily matches with the greenery of the yard or patio. It also takes up minimal space which allows you to accommodate this bench wherever you prefer. It can be an ideal seating solution for any garden space because of its simplistic design.

VC Living are among the most well-known makers of traditional and contemporary teak furniture throughout Australia. For all-time classic looks, fabulous vintage looking pieces as well as modern classics, your garden space is crying out to be used as a remade living area. Take advantage of the best designs, exquisite craftsmanship and durability that VC Living has to offer and enjoy a little more of the outdoors, a little closer to home.

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