Teak Garden Benches: A Durable & Stylish Option

If your house has a little porch and some open lawn in the backyard, you already have a great place to lie back and rest. Besides planting beautiful flowers and fluffy shrubs, you can make your open space a soothing place to relax, sip your coffee and spend some quality time with family just by setting some outdoor teak benches here and there.

Now, picking the right garden benches that complement your exterior may come off as tricky.

You have plenty of wood options to choose regarding your outdoor benches like Oak, Pine, Walnut, Beech, and Mahogany. But among all the other options for your patio furniture, teak wood (Tectona Grandis) stands out as the most durable and sturdy; especially harvested for making the best furniture. It's easily considered to be the most popular wood choice for the wholesale teak outdoor furniture in Melbourne.

Why picking Teak for your garden bench?

If you are still sceptical about your preferable outdoor bench wood, here are some points to convince you -


1. The Teakwood timber is entirely resistant to dust, heat and different kinds of chemical concoction and affliction.

2. Because of its high density and enriched lustre, teak wood does not easily shrink or dwindles in size.

3. The tight grain of the woods carries a large proportion of natural oils and rubber which is perpetuated even after the wood is processed. Because of the natural polymeric substance made from the latex, the wood is by default weather-resistant and polished.

4. Its also resistant to fungal or any spore-producing decay because of its oil extracts which makes timber a natural mould and insect repellent.

5. Teak wood timber lasts more than 2-3 decades without any lacquering, polishing or varnishing.

6. Unlike other timbers, teak wood doesn't reciprocate climate changes. In dry, low-humid weather, teak wood doesn't release moisture and stays content.

7. The wood diffuses pleasantly perfumed scents!


1. Along with its robust form and the high longevity, teak is very easy to be shaped into any designs.

2. Teak wood has always been considered as a symbol of luxury and royalty for centuries. Having teak wood outdoor garden sets will automatically connect your guests back to the history of glory and grandeur.

3. Teak wood has a timeless- quintessential appeal, unlike any other woods which makes it the most desired lumbers out there.

4. The teakwood lumber can be considered to the most versatile. It can be processed under any conditions and be turned into desirable shapes.

5. The unique feature of teakwood is its refined, warm silver-grey tinctures. The natural oil extract sustains the pigmentation balance without any maintenance for years, which is inevitably a perfect solution to your porch or garden furnishing.

6. To enhance the beauty of your garden, you are going to choose the most appealing set of teak outdoor benches that guarantees the most extended endurance. The metallic or steeled deck might last for decades. But if styling is also a concern, whether it is contemporary, classic or antique, Teak's place is indubitable.

7. The timber of teak wood blends perfectly with rust-resistant metals like stainless steel, nickel, chromium etc. which means outdoor garden styling with teakwood is more convenient than any other wood.

8. Just with sanding or sealing, it gives off an aesthetic appearance because of the natural tints and shades of teak wood. Teak wood does not necessarily require further polishing either.

9. Teak wood furniture looks elegant in nearly all kinds of design schemes for outdoors - traditional, modern contemporary, vintage, rustic chic or retro.

In the case of patios or gardens, the furniture is hard to keep under regular maintenance. Teak will allow you to have very easy-to-use, a low-maintained set of sophisticated garden benches you probably never have to spend money on reconditioning!

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