Factors Influencing Outdoor Furniture, Why Teak is The Best?

There are some fundamental differences between interior and outdoor furniture. Usually, outdoor furniture must be stronger to endure the exposure it faces outside. From poolside tables to picnic chairs and porch benches, all the patio furniture must be made to withstand a beating.

Choosing the right material for your patio furniture requires a good amount of research. There are different materials, and the outdoor furniture should match some specific criteria to be sustainable. This post will look at choosing outdoor furniture materials, and mainly why you should choose Teak over others.

Challenges Outdoor Furniture Face:

Unlike the furniture which stays inside the house, all outdoor furniture has to have the ability to retain their structural toughness as well as appearance through many seasons and a variety of weather conditions. Some of the different challenges they face are as follows -

Rainy Conditions:

Rain is the biggest enemy of patio furniture. If you live in an area where it rains regularly or has a high humid condition, your outdoor furniture is likely to face the consequence. Standing water and retained moisture can physically degrade the furniture.

Attack of Microorganisms and Parasites:

Most of the fungi thrive in a humid and moist condition. Due to the attack of microorganisms, not only the furniture will face a hard time, but also the people using it might have a physical illness. On the other hand, in the case of a parasite invasion, the whole structure might be destroyed.

Rust and Corrosion Problems:

If you are thinking of using metal to avoid the microbial and fungal attack, there is sad news for you. Metal like iron or steel faces a different type of obstacle, rust and corrosion. When exposed to water and oxygen, corrosive oxidation process weakens the metals. In coastal areas, this problem is faced even more because the salt in the air adds to the problem.

Withstanding the Beating of Sun, Temperature & Wind:

Apart from rain and corrosion, sun fading, cracking, heat and wind are also enemies of outdoor furniture. Constant exposure to the sun will cause many fittings to fade and lose their aesthetic beauty. Some materials expand and crack when subjected to heat, so heat is a big problem too. Additionally, the wind is something to take care of also. If the outdoor furniture is not heavy enough, a strong wind can tip it over and create a huge loss.

The Teak Solution

If you decide to go with wood for your outdoor furniture, the best option is going to be teak. Here are some reasons why teak is the top outdoor furniture choice;

  • Teak furniture is strong & durable.
  • Teak wood has a natural resistance to harsh weather.
  • Insect infestation and mould attacks are rare on Teak woods.
  • Low maintenance cost gives teak an upper hand.
  • Teakwoods are readily available.
  • Teakwoods have a long lifespan and are eco-friendlier.

Teak furniture is naturally durable and water resistant. Because of this, teak furniture does not require extra care staining to be weather resistant. Also, Teak is one of the most durable natural woods, and it is resistant to wrapping, cracking and any types of brittle. Teak will stand up to any harsh weather conditions.

In addition to its water-resistant capability, naturally occurring Teak oil ensures the wood has a reliable defence mechanism against fungus, insects and even termites. Furthermore, the easy maintenance and availability of the teak wood make it a top choice for patio furniture. And let us not forget; teak is quite attractive as well. So, if you are thinking of investing in good quality teak for your outdoor furniture, give VC Living a try. We provide some of the best outdoor Teak furniture in Australia.

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