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Chesterfield sofas have something inherently charming and elegant about them. The way they are made and the kind of fabric that is used to cover them, give them an old-days vintage charm.

VC Living, the importer and maker of stylish antique reproduction furniture in Australia has a selection of classic furniture to adorn your home interiors better than ever. From single chesterfield recliner to a set of Westminster Suite, our sofas come in different sizes, fabrics and colours for you to explore until you find the Chesterfield sofa of your dreams.

Explore our range of products to find the most comfortable, well-built sofa set that will suit the personality of your home better and add an extra flare of classic elegance!

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$1,795.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$2,950.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$1,695.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$2,295.00 Including GST (10.0 %)
$6,795.00 Including GST (10.0 %)